Help & Advice

Below you’ll find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – please click on any of them to reveal the answer. If your query isn’t listed below then please feel free to contact us. We are happy to hear from anyone with an interested in our care homes.


Can I bring my cat with me?
We welcome most pets however we will discuss this with you so that we can ensure that we can support you to look after your pet properly. Arrangements with pets are assessed on an individual basis.
What time do you allow visitors in the care homes until?
Usually at any time however we may have individual plans in place in relation to your loved one that we would discuss and agree on assessment. We encourage your family members and friends to visit, and all we ask is that they should sign in and out of the Visitors book (kept at reception) for reasons of fire safety. If your guest would like to join you for a meal then this can be arranged, and there is a small charge payable. Please arrange this with the manager.
Will my room be furnished?
Your bedroom will be pleasantly furnished to ensure your comfort and safety but you are free to bring your own furniture as well as personal items such as pictures, photographs and ornaments. Your room will have en-suite facilities, adequate electrical sockets and lockable facilities for your personal possessions. There are also assisted bathrooms and toilets throughout the home.
Can I use the garden?
Yes, you will have use of maintained garden, lawns or patio areas.
Will I have a nurse call system?
A personal alarm call system has been fitted throughout the building, facilitating staff to be called by you by use of call points that are located in your bedroom and ensuite and throughout the communal areas of the home. Staff will explain to you how this works.
Do I have the use of a phone?
There is a portable phone that is available for you to use for incoming calls. If you prefer, you can have a private telephone line installed in your room at your own expense.
Can I receive mail?
Private mail will be delivered to you by a member of staff.
Can I smoke in the home?
Our homes operate a strict No Smoking policy for residents and visitors. There are designated smoking areas, externally.
Will I have freedom of movement?
You will not have restriction on your freedom of movement around the home both inside and outside (garden areas) but for safety reasons the staff will be of assistance, for example, where there may be a risk of slipping on icy surfaces in the winter months.
How secure is the home?
We aim to provide an environment that is safe and secure for you, other residents, staff and visitors. For this reason, you will find that the front door to each Home is kept locked from the inside, and all visitors are required to ring for entry and register with reception when entering and leaving the home.
Can I trial living in a Home?
Yes, you can. We know that is takes time to settle in, which is why we have designated the first 6 weeks of residency as a paid ‘trial’ period without any further obligation by either side.
Are my possession insured?
Your personal possessions are insured up to a maximum of £1,000 with a single article limit of £100. If you need to insure for sums greater than these then we would ask that you arrange your own insurance, the premiums for which will be payable by yourself.
Will my clothing be washed by the Home?
We offer a free of charge laundry system at the home but if you prefer this can be done by your family. If using the laundry system we ask that prior to coming into the home you label your belongings unobtrusively with your full name.
Can I bring personal possessions?
We encourage you to bring into the home, some personal possessions with which you can personalise your room. Any items that you bring in will be recorded on a “Personal Property Register” and this will be updated during your stay with us as items are added to, or removed from, the home.
Should I keep money with me?
It is not advisable to keep large amounts of cash in your room. We are able to keep accurate records of all your money that you have on balance with us.
Where would I keep my valuables?
While we appreciate that some valuable items such as jewellery will be treasured by you, we do not advise that you bring them into the home. This is in line with our policy and insurance which means we are unable to accept liability for any single item with a value exceeding £100.
Can I bring electrical equipment into the Home?
You can bring in electrical equipment or appliances but you must get prior permission from the manager. This is for health and safety reasons and for appropriate PAT testing to take place, this will then need to be re-checked each year (at the Home's expense) to ensure that it remains safe to use. Any electrical items that you bring in will be recorded on your Personal Property register.
How do you plan my care?
You will have your care plan which is the key document for your care and support. Together with you and your family, we will identify your needs, any associated risks and this is recorded on your Care Plan. This will then help us to decide how our staff can properly meet your needs and wishes and is your plan of care. Care planning is continuously reviewed because your needs or wishes may change. We will always seek your opinion and input when developing the Care Plan, and making changes and amendments to it, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the care and support you receive from us.
Will my family and friends be involved in my care?
We recognise the value in involving your family members, relatives and friends in your Care Plan, and we will always (with your permission) invite your family and friends to participate in the care planning process.
Do I continue to use my own GP?
You may retain the services of your existing GP if he or she is willing to visit you at the home. Alternatively, we have visiting GPs who will be willing to attend to your needs. Each GP visits the home on a regular basis or at your request and will be able to take care of your prescription needs.
How are medicines administered?
If you wish to manage your own medicines, and it is safe to do so, we will provide lockable facilities and staff support as needed. If you prefer, or if it if assessed safer, out trained staff will keep your medication in a safe place, and administer it to you at the intervals stated on the prescription. This will be discussed with you when your care plan is drawn up.
Will I still have access to a range of personal care services?
You will be able to call upon the services of a wide range of specialist practitioners who either visit the home on a regular basis, or have a practice within the surrounding area, which can easily be visited for consultation. For example, you will have access to dentist, opticians and podiatrist.
Will I receive personal support?
Our staff can help you with personal tasks such as letter writing, form filling, completing voting papers, and planning your shopping needs. Please ask a member of staff when required.
Is the food good?
We have an excellent team of kitchen staff who offer a range of meals, to provide a nutritious, appetising and well-balanced diet. Menus are planned on a weekly basis, and displayed in the dining areas. We are able to cater for your particular likes and dislikes, offering alternative dishes to suit your tastes. There is a choice and alternatives at every meal time. If you need or want a specialised diet, including vegetarian and vegan dishes these will be available. Our chef will meet with you to discuss your likes and dislikes and your food preferences will be discussed with you when drawing up your care plan
I want to remain active, how is this achieved?
Our Lifestyle Coordinator facilitates a wider range of activities and past times - linked to lifestyle and choice - these include; cooking, art and crafts, a walking group, exercise and wellbeing, amongst others - all of which are chosen by our residents. Their preferences and ideas are sought in monthly meetings too. Furthermore, there is an annual holiday, which everyone greatly looks forward to.
Can I bring my own television?
Absolutely! We encourage people to personalise their rooms as they wish. We encourage you to bring in your own furniture, personal items and electrical equipment. We want you to take ownership of your room. There are TV sets in the communal lounges where you can sit in comfort to watch programmes. If you are under 75 years of age, a TV licence is required and its cost will remain your responsibility, however the staff can arrange this for you. If you are over 75 you are exempt from this charge.
Does the Home provide WiFi?
Yes, there is WiFi available to all residents. You also have access to a computer system, which is linked to the internet. If you would like to take advantage of this technology please ask a member of staff who will assist and support you.
Can I receive a daily newspaper and or monthly magazine?
We can arrange for daily and weekly newspapers and magazines of your choice to be delivered to the home. You will be responsible for the cost of these item, and the staff can assist you with this.
Will my religious beliefs be catered for?
When we discuss your care and support we will include your spiritual needs, if you would like to see your Minster of Religion on a regular basis and how and where you would like to worship. We have visiting clergymen of many denominations who can visit the home and encourage you to exercise your spiritual needs. We will also assist you to participate in your community worship.
What do I do if I'm unhappy?
Staff are available 24/7 in all of our services if the home manager isn't around one of the staff will be happy to help or arrange for you to talk with a member of the senior team. Unfortunately, with the best will in the world we don't get things right all of the time and we need you to tell us when we fall short of expected standards. If you have a complaint please speak to any staff member. If the problem cannot be resolved to your satisfaction please ask to speak to the manager. If your complaint is still not satisfactorily resolved you can contact the regional manager then our chief operating officer.
Can I gift to your care staff?
Our job at the home is to ensure that you are looked after to the best possible standards and the you receive the best possible care. We are rewarded enough when we receive compliments from any of the residents. There is no need to offer any gifts, tips or gratuities; indeed we are unable to accept them. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.